Grilling has never been so easy.

How to use Charbox

  • Open the Charbox packaging. Inside you should find one charbox, one charbox stand, one set of extra long matches.
  • Remove the outer wrap from the Charbox.
  • Move the Charbox to an open air location and place it on the included stand. Please note once lit, the Charbox cannot be moves due to heat.
  • Using one of the proviced extra long matches, light the kindling under the Charbox grate.
  • The CHARBOX will be ready to grill in 20-30 minutes from lighting. Place food directly on the Charbox grate. Cook food to preferred taste.

Lightning-fast Clean up.

Fun Over?
  • When done cooking, remove all food items / fragments from the surface of the charbox.
  • Remove any children / pets from the area of the charbox.
  • Retrive water (one gallon or so). do not use alcohol or soft drinks to put out a charbox.
  • Pour water into the charbox from the up-wind side. Avoid ashes or smoke getting in eyes.
  • Allow the ashes and CHARBOX to cool completely before discarding. NEVER dispose of a hot CHARBOX.
  • Dispose of the CHARBOX in a safe manner. The entire package and box is recyclable.

Safety Guidelines

  • Before using CHARBOX, make sure you have access to water (one gallon or so) for quenching.
  • Do NOT use CHARBOX inside homes, vehicles, tents, or any other enclosed area. Charbox should only be used OUTDOORS.
  • Keep CHARBOX away from flammable items, such as tents, campers, overhangs and trees.
  • Do not place CHARBOX on or near flammable furniture such as wooden, cardboard, plastic, glass or fabric covered tables or chairs.
  • NEVER use gasoline or other flammable liquids to light CHARBOX.
  • Do NOT add lighter fluid to CHARBOX at any time.
  • Keep hot CHARBOX away from children and pets.
  • Use appropriate tools while using a lit CHARBOX.
  • Make sure ashes are COLD before discarding. NEVER discard a hot CHARBOX.
  • Always store CHARBOX in a cool, dry, safe place.