Food Brings Family Together.

The Charbox Story

Charbox was created out of a love for grilling. To us, grilling was always synonymous with friends and family having FUN & sharing a meal. But we asked ourselves, why does setting up a charcoal grill have to be so tedious? Why does the clean up have to take so long, and get everyone dirty? We set out to solve these problems getting in the way of cookouts,

And thus

charbox was born.

The Charbox Mission

At CHARBOX, our mission is to give people a way to grill that’s affordable, environmentally-friendly and hygienic. We want to enable you to take the fun of grilling anywhere and everywhere you go, while being socially conscious. Charbox is recyclable & built with charcoal briquettes that cook for 3X longer than traditional charcoal.

use fewer resources, cook just as long.

The Charbox Experience

With CHARBOX, you have the freedom to grill anywhere without worrying about leaving a mess, hurting the environment or eating contaminated food from previously used public grill. By using a grill that’s recyclable, clean, portable, affordable and easy to use, you spend less time worrying about grilling & more time doing what matters,

Making Memories